art | workshop Art Based Learning

Together to a museum? And personally learn from art? This workhop can be attended by anyone who wishes to explore and discover the great value of art via Art Based Learning (ABL). A scientifically based method developed by J.Lutters ARTEZ is applied. A suprisingly and fun way of becoming aware of the meaning of art for you;

  • art gives insight into yourself
  • art stimulates your creativity
  • art enriches your worldview
  • individual experience in small groups

art | workshop Visual Thinking Strategy

Learn from each other about art during a museum visit? The workhop Visual Thinking Strategy (VTS) can be attended by anyone who wishes to observe art in a small group and become aware of each other’s views. The applied method causes a significant team building effect. You will leave the museum enriched and connected.

  • an inquisitive attitude and active participation
  • positive effect on perception
  • improves critical-analytical and creative thinking
  • enhances imagination and language skills