minerals on my mind

My father was a gemologist and jeweler. I inherited a box full of minerals. Colorful or grey, glossy or matte, transparent or plain, all made by nature. Without any particular purpose the minerals appear miraculously in my latest work: in the series 'dreamscapes' and 'beyond the image and 'in itself'. Small stones become mountains, large stones shrink into spots, or symbolize the power of an emperor, or depict the subway.

 x Webversie-hatsuyumepsd-2500-72-2

Hatsuyume | first dream in the New Year - lambda-c print  83 x 112 cm.

 x stone 2

A silent start - fine art sumi-e print 32 x 42 cm. 

 x power

Power - fine art print, silkscreen on art glass  23 x 37 x 3 cm.

 x 3-web-his-owm-2500-72-2-jpg

On his own 2 - fossil on lambda c-print, wooden frame 61,5 x 86 cm 

 x Stone 01

Stone collection 01 - photo, dibond, acrylic glass 25 x 33 cm. 

 x Stone 02

Stone collection 02 - photo, dibond, acrylic glass 25 x 33 cm.

 x cityscape 2

Cityscape - fine art print,art glass 26 x 36 cm.

 x vulnerability

Vulnerable power- lambda c-print, wooden frame 83 x 112 cm.