art | workshop Art Based Learning

Together to a museum? And personally learn from art? This workhop can be attended by anyone who wishes to explore and discover the great value of art via Art Based Learning (ABL). A scientifically based method developed by J.Lutters ARTEZ is applied. A suprisingly and fun way of becoming aware of the meaning of art for you;

  • art gives insight into yourself
  • art stimulates your creativity
  • art enriches your worldview
  • individual experience in small groups

art | workshop Visual Thinking Strategy

Learn from each other about art during a museum visit? The workhop Visual Thinking Strategy (VTS) can be attended by anyone who wishes to observe art in a small group and become aware of each other’s views. The applied method causes a significant team building effect. You will leave the museum enriched and connected.

  • an inquisitive attitude and active participation
  • positive effect on perception
  • improves critical-analytical and creative thinking
  • enhances imagination and language skills

art | at your home

Do you need help decorating your house with art? Together we find the right place for your art objects. If you wish to buy new art, be it photos, paintings or 3D objects, I can guide you in finding and choosing art that suits you. My network with well-known galleries and artists offers a wide choice from small to large works of art.


art | at your office

Are you a start-up or scale- up and does your office need a visual styling, an inviting and representative appearance? In close cooperation I will make a sustainable interior plan including furniture, photography and art. Rather lease than buy? We will find the best solution for your office.


art | for exhibition spaces

Furnishing an exhibition space small or large, permanent or temporarily benefits from an expert support. From just a brainstorming session upto a complete creative design plan with high-tech, visual and interactive solutions. I can provide you with tailor-made advice.