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All photos shown are for sale; the price depends on dimensions, edition and presentation. Photos can be mounted on dibond with or without acrylic glass (fig.1 and 2) or wooden frame with museum glass (fig.3) or dibond in wooden frame (fig.4). All are UV protected. With pleasure I will advise you.


photo | art | cahiers

The complete new reality series 01 dreamscapes + 02 beyond the image are now available in exclusive art|cahiers, sustainably printed on a variety of fine art paper. These high-quality and exquisite cahiers are the first of a series. Each includes 16 pages with full color (original) photo prints. Bilingual: English and Japanese. Dimensions 20,6 x 26,5 cm. All art|cahiers include a stylish folder.

Cahier 01  - dreamscapes          €   85,- 

Cahier 02  - beyond the image   €   85,-

Cahier 01 + Cahier 02                  € 155,-


subscription photo | originals

Subscription of photo|originals  - a great way to start a collection. Sign up for a unique photo subscription. Receive a surprising photo from my personal archive by post during 6 months. Maximum photo size 20,5 x 26,5 cm. Choice of the following topics: corona folium and light-dark. The first 3 photos are offered at the time of purchase in a stylish collector's box for € 99,- Subsequently 6 photos for € 32,- monthly.


M3 mobile | mini | museum


Own your own mini museum? To exhibit your treasures, photographs or minimal art objects? It is possible now. The bright white cubical object  (12x15x16 cm) can be positioned in 4 directions depending on the light. DIY package (€100) includes: mini museum, acrylic base + polaroid photo frame. Or choose from readymade interiors with a photo, and a mineral or acrylic object and base (€25 upto €50). It is a great gift for young and old!